A Wolf’s Head

As part of our work on The Eye of the Wolf, we have read A boy’s Head by Miroslav Holub. We used the poem as a model to describe what might be inside the head of Blue Wolf.

A Wolf’s Head   by Finn

In it there is a dream
and a project
to escape

And there are
long lost memories
of his long lost past

And there is
an entirely new story
an entirely new home
an entirely new friend

There is a frozen river
that doesn’t move

I believe
that an entirely new life
is a great life

There is much promise in the circumstances
of making friends.


In a Wolf’s Head         by Kaden

In the furry wolf’s head
there is a cub
and a helicopter
and bars that trap him.

And there are
the wolf’s brothers and a sister
and a she wolf in a colossal cage.

And there is
an entirely new landscape
an entirely new animal
an entirely new story

There is a tree
getting blown backwards

There is Shiny Straw
biting the pilot’s leg
that slowly falls into the river.

I believe that memories
can never be forgot.


A Wolf’s Head           by        Hannah

In it there is a camel
and a plan for escaping
from his lonely enclosure

And there questions about the boy

And there is also
a new story
a new she wolf
a new life

There is snow that freezes under the sun

There is a friend
There is a new home
There is a family that belong together

I believe that there is a future waiting to be found

There is a promise that one day
they will escape into the real world.

1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Hannah
    Jan 18, 2013 @ 20:16:08

    I loved doing the wolf poems because you could just write down anything, even if it was impossible!!!!


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