Eye of the Wolf

We are currently reading Eye of the Wolf by Daniel Pennac. It is partly set in Alaska and this week we have written descriptions of Alaska. We used pictures to help us get a good idea of what it is like. In our writing we tried to be as descriptive as possible.


The vast mountains are covered with light snow on the top like icing sugar. Immense trees stand tall like soldiers. The glacier lets the ice go and it slowly makes its way to the sea. Bits of delicate ice hang from branches. The pine stands all lonely. The snow is not white, the snow is greyish. Bushes are bare and bald. The still water ripples as ice falls in slowly. Sun beams on the ice and it shimmers in the sunset
                                              by Joanna


Beautiful green leaves are turning a dull, dark brown. Cold snow on top of mountains is like a sprinkle of flour, still, frozen and solidified. Gloomy overgrown forest shadows the white blanket. White icebergs oscillate like swans in the water. Deep blue water is hidden under the freezing ice.
                                               by Ben


Vast Alaska has a slippery glacier and chunks of thick iceberg break off the lustrous ice. The thick air is so cold that it freezes your lungs. Tall, gargantuan trees grow taller than the clouds. As the wind howls wildly pushing the light, tall trees, it blows in circles. White fluffy snow rests on the trees. Snow like soft feathers falls from full, big pillows. The water is so cold, like a million ice cubes melting slowly on you. The everlasting snow never melts. It is like a great big winter blanket.
                                                   By Valeria

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