Llandudno Day 2

Tuesday dawned wet and cold but that didn’t stop us going out. First stop was the National Slate Museum.


Mrs de Voil’s group


Mrs Gurkan learned how to split slate

By lunchtime the sun was shining. After lunch we all piled on the Great Orme tram and headed up the mountain to the 4000 old copper mines.

All ready to go underground again.

While we were at the copper mountains, we learned how the bronze miners turned the malachite into copper for tools and weapons.

Then we got back on the tram and rode up to the top of the mountain where there was an adventure playground.

On top of the mountain


After dinner we went back down to the beach but this time we left the sports equipment at the hotel.

The tide was coming in quite quickly and somehow a game of dodging the waves turned into a game of jumping over the waves.

Wet feet!


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