Lauren’s Traveller

 The Traveller’s Tale

The traveller jumped off his horse and landed carefully on the black stone path. He walked up to the wooden door and smote upon it with his fist.

 “Hello, is anybody there?”

No one answered or moved a muscle while he spoke.

The traveller smote upon the door a second time, even louder than the first. This time he was perplexed that no one answered. He knew in his heart that someone or something had been listening. He peeked inside to see if he could see anything but all he could see with the human eye was that nothing was inside.

The hidden listeners crowded in the corners of the stairs in a tiny huddle. Suprisingly human, they were surprised by the lonely traveller’s call echoing in the hall way.

“Tell them that I came and no one answered. That I kept my word.” he said

He clambered onto the horses back and looked again at the house before he turned away. The horse galloped away like a cheetah chasing a deer. Even though you could hear the sound of the horses hooves, they moved so fast that you couldn’t see any movement.

There was silence for a long time after that. The traveller never returned.

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