Hope’s Traveller

A Traveller’s Tale by Hope

One dark, gloomy night, by the raging sea, a moonlit house stood by the raging sea. The house had a rotting roof, shattered windows and a hinge that has snapped. This beach house stands deserted by the sea

Meanwhile a traveller, a kind man, was steadily walking along the beach. The traveller was a doctor and had been very worried lately. The family of 3 who lived in the house had not been for their check up. This was extremely bad as there was a virus going around. It was part of the law that every person had to be checked. However this family of 3 had been three months late for their appointment. The doctor was worried and it was starting to show.

He reached the beach house unharmed.. As he reached out to knock upon the door, the cold sea stroked the edge of the beach house. He smote upon the door but to his surprise, not one blue eye peered through the holly covered window. He smote upon the door a second time but yet again no one answered.

Whilst the traveller was hitting the door and feeling slightly puzzled, a host of ghostly listeners waited by the wooden door. One peered through a rusty golden keyhole, the rest stood in silence. They were not going to open the door.

The traveller smote upon the door a third time. This time he was not worried but annoyed. For some reason he knew there was something inside. So he smote on the door a final time. and once again no one answered. As he turned around, a raven flew up from behind the house. So with that the traveller strode away, leaving the house in moonlight.

The listeners heard the rustling from the man’s feet in the sand as the waves stroked the house one final time.

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