Return of the Teddy!

Back in November last year, we sent off two teddy bears to a school in Itay as part of an etwinning project. In early December, we received two Befana dolls from the school in Italy in return. The two dolls spent the rest of December with us and learned all about our Christmas preparations. We filled a huge scrapbook with photos of everything that we had done and on the last day of term, one of the dolls was packed up with the scrapbook and returned to Italy.

Then we had to wait.

And wait!

Until this week when finally there was a parcel in the post all the way from Naples!

The contents of the parcel


Inside the parcel we found Timmy Bear and two scrapbooks full of information about how the Italian children had got ready for Christmas.

There were two CDs of the children singing Italian carols as well as White Christmas and We wish you a Merry Christmas in Italian. We were very impressed by the singing!

There was also a letter from each of the pupils where they told us all about themselves. We are really going to enjoy reading all of their letters and looking through the scrapbooks.

A scrapbook page

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