The Little Lost Kitten And The Wolf

One, sunny Sunday morning a little girl called Mandy went to the pet shop and brought a little cat. Mandy did not know what to call the little cat, she would wait one or two days and if the little cat behaved well she would call the little cat Goody ,or, if the little cat was naughty she would call the little cat Trouble.

She waited two days and the little cat was good, so, she called the little cat Goody. After a while Goody went around a lot by herself. But, one day, Goody went too far. She went past the reserve. She got lost. She was scared. She did not know what to do.

It was 5 weeks until Mandy and her family had realised that Goody had gone missing. They put up signs and got the police looking for her. Mandy was so upset.

Goody had eaten food from the dustbins. People felt sorry for her. Once a man tried to catch her so she ran away. After she had run away, she got even more lost in a forest.

There was a rustle in the flowers. A wolf came prowling round her. She was terrified. “P-please dont’ eat me.” meowed Goody.
“Ha-ha-ha!!” growled the wolf. You actually think that I’m going to eat you. Ha-ha. You silly little thing. I only eat things that I want to eat. What is your name?”

“My name is Goody. I am also lost. What is your name?” meowed Goody.

“My name is Trouble. I eat Little Bo Peeps sheep because they taste good” growled Trouble.
“Do you know where Kingston Gate Close is? I live on number 45. It is a blue and red house. Could you help me to get back to where I live so I cn be reunited with my family?” meowed Goody.
“Yes I will. Hop on my back,” growled Trouble.

After 30 minutes, Goody and Trouble had made it home and then Goody was reunited with her family.

THE END      by      MOLLIE

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