What’s inside your head?

These are some more of our poems about what could be inside someone’s head. We’re still fascinated by wolves and Jason’s poem is about a wolf.

A Wolf’s Head

In it there is a plan to kill
And watch out –
for fearsome hunters with loud guns.

And there is
for the family of yours.

And there is a
a new hideout,
a new place
and more prey.

There is a hill
so low that a baby could see over it.

There is a killed wolf
right in front of your eyes
with sadness in your head.

Everybody has a head
Everybody uses them
and we never stop.

by Jason

Amy wrote about what could be in her teddy bear’s head:

A Teddy Bear’s Head

In it there is a bath of stuffing and beef
and a dream
for becoming a super teddy to fly out of the bed into the fridge.

And there is a planet where teddies have people to cuddle
a secret that only I and one know
an endless pit of hopes and dreams.

There are old buttons, broken and cracked
New ones, shiny and smooth
piles of them all over the place.

There’s a family of teddies having a game of cards
and a garden made of flowers growing wood.

Believe me or not, the other week,
that same teddy fulfilled his dreams.

By Amy

Then there are poems about what is in our heads!

In My Head

In my head
there are dinos rummaging the earth
and a project for a flying car.

There is a parrot that records things,
a lion as a pet
and a badger as a helper.

There are upside down houses
and underground roads.

There is a place where there are no fractions
and a plan to get out of maths.

I believe that no one can destroy dreams

And I believe that everyone should have dreams.

By Josh.

In My Wonderful Head

In it there is a funny monkey,
A battle against commas,
A giant dancing carrot,
also a magpie at a wedding.

In it there is a crazy Heather
A fathomless and neverending river,
A joke box with no jokes
Also a bowl of wierd alien soup.

In it there is a pie in a bath,
A wonderful teacher reading a story,
A chicken on a patterned plate
And a Rapunzel with no hair.

In it there is a target card with a gold star,
A hot, sunny, beaming sun,
A rat scuttling across the creaking floorboards
and an incey wincy spider climbing up the spout.

It is so amazing to have a head!

By Ellie

My Head

In my head there is a picture
from the future
and a new experiment
that no scientist has ever done.

Adding The Eye of the Wolf
is always the best.

There is a project to invent
a completely new world,
an entirely new computer
an entirely new robot.

There’s a maths sum
that irritates and perplexes you.
And a midget elf
with a long curly beard.

There’s a rainbow with all the colours
with shiny gold at the end.

I agree that without a head
imagination isn’t possible.

My Head

In it there is a
giant flying dog and a
ray gun to destroy my enemies
followed by a humungous candy world.

In it there is a
whole new world
full of robots that guard me
in my dreams.

In it there is a
multi coloured rainbow
that carries sweets and chocolates
to me and only me!

In it there is a
new planet and a new
human being and a brand new
type of roller coaster.

In it there is a
river made of chocolates and lollipops
that runs through my bedroom.

In it there are
clever people who can~
do something with their life
and that is you and me.

By Jack

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. elise astley
    Mar 28, 2011 @ 16:15:55

    I love all the poems ,i especially like the boys heart i can imagiane all of thoes things happening.I also like the wolve and alaska poems, i like the statue of the wolf.


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