More Traveller’s Tales

Here are some more of our traveller’s tales inspired by Walter de la Mare’s poem The Listeners.

A Traveller’s Tale by Heather

“Caw” yelled a crow from above the traveller’s head. No noise could be heard from the thorny forest except for the traveller’s footsteps. He reached a crystal cave, silent and still.

He entered the cave and called to anyone inside “Hello”. Suddenly a crystal fell from the roof. “Is anyone here?” he asked as he stood perplexed and still. In his heart he knew that someone was there and was listening to him. “I know you’re here so reveal yourself!” shouted the traveller. No one answered but phantoms were listening as they stood silent and still.

“Tell him that I came and that I kept my word” he said and left the cave. He walked back to the safety of his home.


The Traveller by Luke

Galloping across a creepy road on a chestnut stallion

Heading for an abandoned military base

A traveller so tall and so mighty

Appearing at his destination

He staggered off his chestnut stallion

Awaiting his visitor inside

He smote upon the door and waited

He smote upon the door again

An eerie silence awakened the army of shadowy spirits

They stood listening to the traveller

Hovering and staying still, listening

The traveller stumbled back to his chestnut stallion

“Tell them I came but no one answered.

Tell them I kept my word” he said.

A Traveller’s Tale by Amy

One foggy night, galloped a horse down a damp alley. A couple of birds flew over the man’s head. The horse stopped next to an abandoned factory. The man jumped off the horse and his shoes hit the floor with a clank.

Cautiously and slowly, he approached the factory. He knocked on the large metal door.

“Hello,” said the traveller in a deep voice, “is anyone home?”

Inside the factory, a host of phantoms gathered round the door. The traveller smote upon the door once again. This time a loud scream went off as a pot fell over. The traveller was getting worried and cold. So he smote upon the door again as the phantoms started thronging the moonbeams.

In the traveller’s heart, he knew someone was listening to his call but they did not answer. The traveller decided that it was time to go. So he ran back to his horse and galloped away into the night.

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  1. jessica gill
    Sep 10, 2011 @ 10:23:04

    love thise tales


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