Traveller’s Tales

We have been reading The Listeners by Walter de la Mare. Today year 5 tried to write their own versions of the poem. Some of them wrote stories but one or two tried poems. We are going to publish some of the writing over the next few days. We hope that you like it.

A Traveller’s Tale by Mollie

He rode on through the winding and twisting forest. Finally he got to the end. He walked to the door of the cottage. Suddenly he heard a twig snap behind him. He turned around, startled. The forest was as still as a statue. He decided to go to the door. It was an old cottage with broken, wooden doors and vines growing up the walls. He knocked gently. The door came crashing open with a big bang.

“Hello, is anybody here?” said the traveller. “I’m really sorry for barging in” He looked around. The wind blew in through the open door. The traveller could see the moon shining in the sky.

Upstairs, the traveller could hear someone whispering “John, come here John”  He was scared. He went up the stairs. There was no one there. He was perplexed. His heart was beating like a train whizzing past a station.

John looked around again. There in the dark he saw a dim figure. John walked towards the figure. It vanished but he knew someone was listening. He had to get out.

John jumped off his horse and rode away. But he shouted back in fright, “Tell them I came and no one answered!”

All you could hear was hooves galloping in the darkness.

A Traveller’s Tale by Michael

The traveller galloped on his horse on a stormy path. He finally arrived at the haunted castle. Ivy wrapped around the turrets and rotten door. The traveller was scared. He heard a noise behind him but no one was there. He was puzzled. The immense drawbridge dropped. Bang! The traveller walked across the bridge. There was a titanic door. The traveller knocked on the door. No one answered so he then he smote on the door. His black cloak was as black as black can be. His horse champed the grass in the woods. An eagle flew over him. Then a snake came and scared the horse off. The traveller shouted “Oh no!” He could not wait any longer so he kicked the door…………..

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Megan Burns
    Mar 08, 2011 @ 08:09:55

    Mollie and Michael this a fantastic poem or story what ever you did. You should be proud of yourselves for getting your work up o the website well done love megan x


  2. jessica gill
    Sep 10, 2011 @ 10:24:46

    wow mollie i love your tale i never new it was on here well done!!!!!!


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