Final day scenes

The last day of term was hot and sunny. We could have stayed in the classroom and tidied up but decided that it was a much better idea to take toys and games out onto the field and spend the afternoon relaxing. Here are a few memories of our final day in year 5.

Chilling on the field

Chilling on the field



Getting in a twist

Getting in a twist




Cool and shady under the willows

Cool and shady under the willows


Have a great holiday everyone and I’ll see you all in a few weeks when we begin our year 6 adventure!


Getting There!

The playground has been out of bounds for the last two weeks of term as the builders had started our new building. They had to dig a trench to lay cables and sort out the water supply and there were some concrete blocks arranged ready for the building. This was what the playground looked like on Monday.

The playground last week

The playground last week

Then when I arrived at school this morning, the building had arrived!




Books for Year 6

The plans for our new year 6 are well underway and the building work will start on the classrooms very shortly. It’s all getting very exciting!!!!

One of the most important things that we have to do is to buy all the books that you are going to be reading during year 6. To do this, we would like to know what books you would like to have in your book corners. What authors do you want to read? What types of books do you want to be able to find?

Let us know by posting a comment. Tell us what books we need to buy for you.

Remember that every comment gets a house point.

Llandudno Day 4

]The sun shone all day today!!!! We went on the Llanberis railway and travelled round Padarn Lake near the slate museum.

Then we drove to Penrhyn Castle where we had a picnic lunch on the grass. We looked round the castle which was full of interesting things. We saw a picture by an artist called Rembrandt which was worth millions of pounds. The lady in the painting looked really lifelike.

Then we went and played on the adventure playground and had a go on the gym equipment.

Testing out the gym equipment

Testing out the gym equipment




Best day at Llandudno

Today we went to Greenwood Adventure Park. We went in different groups and did different activities.

First we went to archery. It was fun but a bit tricky. Louise thought the bows were a bit big. Holly got 10 but Teddy got the top score with 19′


Next we went on the stilts which were really hard to use. Then we went on the grass slide. It was amazing. We raced down the slope. Olivia got 20 house points for going the furthest.

We went on the jungle boats. Holly  was scared of the crocodiles!!! The girls were far better at steering than the boys. The giant jumper was huge and very slippy.


Just before lunch, we went on the roller coaster. It was amazing  but a bit short. We all put our hands up and screamed as loud as possible.

All set for the roller coaster

All set for the roller coaster

After lunch we had  build our own dens out of branches. I worked with Holly and Valeria and at first it all fell to pieces and we had to find a different way.

Our den

Our den

The shop was Louise’s favourite part. She bought a feather pen like an arrow and   a notepad and a rainbow rubber.

It was the best day of the week so far.It was truly amazing!

by Louise, Kira, Olivia and Holly

Llandudno Day 2

Today we visited the National Slate Museum where we learned more about slate. We looked at old miner’s cottages from 140 years ago and Mr Bolsover had a go at slate splitting.


Mr Bolsover learning how to split slate

Outside the miner's cottages

Outside the miner’s cottages


After we had lunch we got on the tram to up the muontain o the copper mine. The copper mines are as old as the pyramids or Stonehenge. We put on our hard hats and went deep underground.


After that we got back on the tram and went to the top of the mountain where there was an adventure playground.

On the tram to go to the summit

On the tram to go to the summit

In the evening we went down to the beach again. We played cricket and hunted for crabs.


It's alive!!!!!!!!

It’s alive!!!!!!!!



On the beach.

On the beach.

We travelled to Wales through sun and hail but eventually arrived  at Llecwedd slate caverns. We  went deep underground to learn about rhe life of  a 12 year old miner. There was underground lake lit by colouted lights which was beautiful.

Noun Poems

We learned about the difference between a concrete and an abstract noun yesterday. We had a selection of concrete nouns and another one of abstract nouns and we put them together to make places or objects. We came up with ideas such as the Shelf of Sorrow, the cupboard of Friendship and the fridge of truth. We thought about what these things might look like or what they might contain and then we wrote a short description or poem.

We wrote them very quickly as we didn’t have very long but these are some of the things that we created.

The Shelf of Friendship by Holly Mae

In a deep, dark room lived a shelf
A shelf of friendship hanging on a wall
And on it were ……..
A framed picture of two joyful girls sitting on a bench,
A book of wonder and two buddies, a boy and a dog
And a record lying there.
But out of all, the shelf was most important
As a group of four built it one hundred years ago.

The Window of Fear

The Window of Fear

The window of fear makes people run off because it growls at them.
If you look through the the window you see how you have a tragic death.
The glass is black with blood stains all over.
I hope you do not find the window of fear.

By Ethan


The Box of Happiness

The Box of Happiness

In the box of happiness
there is a large bag of lego
lots of candy
and a lucky charm.

When you lift up or touch the box of happiness
you will instantly feel happy.
If you keep on looking around,
you will find lots of art.

This is all the stuff I keep close to my heart.

By Taylor

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